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2016 Airport Master Plan 
Another Farce 

Detailed Analysis HERE
A fluffed up PR document in the guise of "strategic planning".  Little transparency, feeble economic arguments.  A mandate to continue walking over the  rights of a whole community? What about the rights of other local businesses and property developers?  What about the rights of people who simply want quiet enjoyment of their family home? More third world politics and impoverished ethics in the making?  Where are the sections on proberty, conflict of interest, social and health impact, real net attributable economic benefits or losses? And how much exactly does the property developer stuff into its already bulging bank account when the Minister signs off the plan?   (more)

This Plan was rubber stamped by the new minister only a couple of weeks after his appointment to office.  There was no chance that he could have understood the issues.

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                                                                 Breaking Their Own Rules - 3 Examples In Just 5 Minutes!
CASA and AirServices Australia Ignore The Data
The Community & The Environment Get Lip Service
moorabbin airport plane crash into house

"A recreational & training airport in a densely populated area should expect
to be considerate to the local community & environment." [The Human Rights Issue] <more>

The Moorabbin Airport is an Ethical
[The Ethics Issue] <more>
& Environmental Disaster & Bloody Inconsiderate 
How They Get Away With It - A Very Grubby Business: MORE

A Survey of over 4000 residents - 85% negatively affected by the airport
“[the airport developer MAC] is accountable to no-one...[they] just expand and make money regardless of what the community says....”  MORE
Seven Alternatives To Noisy Dangerous Training At Moorabbin . . .

Compromised Health And Safety, 
And Reduced Quality Of Life For 150,000 People

A terrible death has occurred following another aircraft crash into our community at Chelsea.  What do we call government acceptance of this intolerable situation - ignorance, negligence, greed, insensitivity or is it just incompetence?  

This is the same area of the coast where helicopters and planes can be seen at similar altitudes flying in opposite directions towards each other. There's every chance we haven't experienced the last serious aircraft incident over our sensitive coastal community.

A whole city is being pillaged emotionally, psychologically, physically and even financially by the interests of aviation.  

Brazenly the business of aviation justifies the terrible impost by telling us it creates extra jobs.  If the community wanted to create jobs by utilising the massive and valuable airport allotment, there are scores of alternatives which would furnish considerably more employment with far less social and environmental impact and would not limit the major financial gain to the already heavily subsidised aviation interests. 

The whole situation might be less unconscionable if there were no alternative, but more than half a dozen aviation training facilities exist around Victoria.  All of them are away from densely populated urban areas. And they are good enough for major overseas commercial airlines to use.  So why do we still have planes killing people in the City of Kingston and poisoning our amenity with endless drone?

But the Minister, Airservices Australia, CASA, the Aviation Noise Ombudsman and  the property developer known as the Moorabbin Airport Corporation continue to pound the aviation drum.

                             "...An Intolerable Societal Risk - Ambidji, 2009


More Carnage

Chesea Crash Moorabbin Airport
Serious Airport Incident

near miss moorabbin
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Near Miss For Another Family
This happened just weeks after the Minister gave the go ahead for even more flights ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
The latest Airport Master Plan was rubber stamped after the new minister had been in office for only a couple of weeks.  There was no possibility that he could have understood the issues or the implications of his decision.


The airport has freedoms which are unheard of in other forms of commerce and it does not have to answer to the City of Kingston, the Victorian State Government, the EPA or the community.

The above August 2008 mid-air collision (above) occurred between two planes and caused one of the planes to plunge to the ground near a school, instantly killing the pilot. This was another in a long series of aircraft crash fatalities.
These fatalities and serious aircraft crashes are almost yearly events.  This plus the ongoing impact which the airport has on residential safety and amenity confirm an immediate need for the following:

  1. A discontinuation of all training flights and all forms of repeated low altitude circuit flying.

  2. An immediate cap on aircraft movements and then a 30% reduction to levels which existed before the airport was privatised.

  3. Considerably improved transparency of information and publication of data on all incidents which have the potential to compromise aircraft, airport or community safety.

  4. A moratorium on use of the airport by jets, corporate aircraft, regional airlines and other multi-seat commercial operations and restrictions on noisy planes and helicopters.

  5. No night or early morning flights and no arrivals or departures when the Moorabbin control tower is not in operation.

  6. Tighter enforcement of civil aviation regulations and mandatory use of tracking transponders by all aircraft using the Moorabbin airspace as a form of basic pilot accountability and so that the public has some way of identifying and referring to aircraft.

  7. A compulsory and comprehensive fly friendly policy prepared in consultation with the local community and relating to more urban areas with particular attention to repetitive or low altitude flying, helicopter activity and the use of outdated or noisy aircraft.
There will be more loss of life in the City of Kingston caused by crashing aircraft and there will certainly be a progressive and expanding reduction of amenity for all residents in our city.  Tell them you've had enough.                                                                                                     
More Words But Still No Action

Read the latest report recommendations into the incessant  flight training which is causing untold suffering for thousands of residents.  There is barely anything meaningful in the recommendations.
It's clearly another pro-airport, pro-aviation document complied by the airport corporation and sent to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport under the guise of consultation.

The Above Report Does Little To Address The Concerns of The Federal Member for Isaacs About The Excessive Aircraft Activity Over Our City
 read more

Moorabbin Airport is one of the busiest and noisiest airports in the Southern Hemisphere and it caters mostly for trainee pilots (many from overseas) and the recreational flights of a privileged few.  There are twice as many aircraft movements at the Moorabbin Airport as there are at Melbourne Airport!

The airport is right in the middle of the City of Kingston, a densely populated and mostly residential area with about 150,000 people and an adjacent coastal corridor boasting some of the highest amenity in Australia.

The airport is managed by a property developer with a long term lease on the site and a mandate to commercially develop much of the prime land and take the profits. 

The airport is considered to be "uncontrolled" so planes and helicopters using the facility do so with very few restrictions and no enforecable requirement to consider the local community.  

Residents affected by aircraft activity have limited environmental protection.   Aviation in Australia has commercial and environental freedom which far exceeds that afforded other commercial interests.  Parts of the local community affected by the Moorabbin Airport experience environmental compromise which rivals that seen in under-developed countries.

The negative social implications of the Moorabbin Airport are considerable, falling far short of many European and World Health Organisation standards.

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moorabbin airport noise

       Who's Accepting The Social Responsibility?



"Has there ever been a more disgraceful
buck-passing exercise?"

No one is accepting the social responsibility

  • Not the Federal Minister
  • Not the Federal Government
  • Not the Moorabbin Airport Corporation
  • Not CASA
  • Not Airservices Australia
  • Not the State Government
  • Not the City of Kingston/Greater Dandenong
  • Not Corporate Aviation
  • Not the Aviation Noise Ombudsman
  • Not the Pilots or Students

Below: Read The Stories of Real People and Real Suffering

Give us the chance to live no in the noisy hell!

I suffer chronic pain HEAD TO TOE after a whiplash accident four years ago. The CONSTANT NOISE AND VIBRATION from these planes, on a daily basis, have an effect on my NERVOUS SYSTEM and CAUSE ME GRIEF. I am also signing because the children, animals and parents also have a RIGHT TO PEACE AND QUIET. These planes are FLYING OVER LIVING BEINGS, a fatality of this kind should be PREVENTED at ALL COSTS!

On some days you can't even have a conversation! Yes the airport was here first but the area has changed and developed. My concerns include noise and safety. There has already been an aeroplane crash Into a nearby house. Safety is now a major issue.

Noise from the airport has increased dramatically since we moved to this area (in 1995), and is now at an unacceptable level.

We have lived here longer than most of the operators have existed at Moorabbin airport, and this expansion of operations should not be allowed to continue.

Parkdale, Mentone, Mordialloc, Dingley, Cheltenham and the other areas it affects are prime residential areas, and the airport needs to do more to reduce the noise pollution it causes.

In particular helicopter noise pollution has become extremely bad in the last few years, and should be addressed by providing a satellite location for training away from residential areas.

·  Nikki Krochmann family  

Planes going over at night. Tonight plane overhead at 11.15pm. Will start to monitor - again.

·  Hannah Daniels  

The planes fly directly over my home and my 8 yr old has major anxiety about the planes crashing; as it did into a backyard 2 years ago. I now also have a 6 month old that is constantly woken during the day & night by very loud planes that drone and circle for hours at a time. During summer we are unable to leave doors open as the sound is unbearable and the constant droning ruins what should be times for outdoor activities, barbeques and relaxing outdoors. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I've lived here fro 8 years and in that time the increase in traffic has doubled. Trying to talk on the phone while an extremely noisy plane flies overhead (while I am inside my own home) is impossible as the noise drowns out the conversation and as the traffic is so frequent the caller is forced to terminate the call due to frustration. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! ENOUGH WITH THE NOISE!

·  Wendy Vuat  

I have lived in the area for over 30 years and the noise level from the airport is getting worse.

We are unable to enjoy weekends outside. I object to all the formation flying that goes over our house.

·  paul vuat  

if there was hoon laws for planes as they have for cars a large number of plane would not be flying.

·  gregor hunter  

because we deserve to live in peace and quiet.

·  Nick Cunningham  

I don't like bullies. And Moorabbin Airport are starting to come that. We are all rate payers. We have the right to say no night flights and limit weekend flights NOW

·  Charlie Beales  

stop the planes, lets have some peace and quiet at weekends !!

·  gary manners  

Peace and quite. The planes just add to noise pollution

·  Libby Murphy  

Sick of constant noise and being brushed off by this irresponsible airport. Pilots, some barely 18yo, have no regard for residents (they're not old enough to drive a car but they fly light planes??) & would love to know where they live! MAC has no respect for corporate responsibility and keeps politicians pockets lined so nobody gives a damn. Get out of this area and let us have some peace. CEO won't agree to meet with residents (in particular Nick H who invited him) and bows down to pilot pressure. Weak & irresponsible. And to those supporting airport, 1950 was 1950. Get over it.

·  Jon Garrard  


·  Neeva Dunn  

Too much constant noise

·  Bella Lomonosova  

it's really disturbing and we need some changes done

·  Eloise Flynn  

We knowingly bought into an area with an airport. Back then air traffic was much lighter. Fewer aircraft movements also meant fewer opportunities for accidents. We had no idea what Moorabbin airport would become over the years. Even more frightening, what it might become down the track. What if your house in your quiet street was opened to b-double trucks and then a few years after that road trains? How would you feel if your complaint were met with "Well you did buy a house on a street, what do you expect"?

·  Ben Tan  

I am one of those affected residents.

·  A R  

Sick of the ever increasing noise since moving here in 1997.

·  Lauren Bird  

Sick of noise and waking my kids up.

·  Grace Nayar  

Support for this group and the community living within the noise range of the airport.

·  Tony Howard  

I'm also sick of the noise and the Moorabbin Airport Corporation thinking that they are above the law.

·  Greg Anderson  

The noise from the many aeroplanes both day and night is so frustrating. The constant noise, one plane after another is so irritating. Thank goodness there is an opportunity to take action. Regards and thank you.

·  Michael Holman  

Residents have a basic right to some form of noise control, if it was a factory or normal business there would be some regulation. There are no time restrictions for flight activity, the training circuit continues well into the night a time when most residents are trying to relax. The rationale that we were here first has run its race, governments have let the area develop into a heavily populated area and have a responsiblity to provide an appropraite environment

Michael H


sick of the noise night and day, the ombudman does nothing

As a Dingley resident for 35+ years , I am finding the circuit training increasingly worse each year. Specifically in day light savings time when circuit training is allowed til 10pm. If they changed the flight path to share it across the municipality it would be ok. However my driveway is a constant flight path and its bloody annoying!

The noise level can be deafening and the constant buzzing of flight after flight makes it impossible to sit outside or have a conversation on the telephone. I am sure the noise level is far above EPA guidelines.

Please help us get some relief from the relentless noise produced by the circuit training. We cannot open windows or enjoy sitting outside because of the constant drone of these noisy aircraft. It is not only children who are impacted, but also adults who have to get up early to go to work. They disrupt your sleep patterns which has been shown to cause serious health problems.

Circuit training should not be conducted over housing, the planes are old and very loud. Most of the trainees are foreign pilots who don't care about local residents. Flight training is very important and Australia have the best pilots, trainers and ground-staff - but never-ending circuit training should be relocated a short distance away to Tooradin Airport over water and farmland. Certainly night circuit training, after 6pm when people are home from work, with planes heavily compressed (many in the circuit flying over homes literally every single minute) within a couple of hours is hard to deal with. We get it, the airport was there first, but it is now right in the centre of residential housing which is at the very least a safety concern (fatalities have occurred previously). AirServices Aust are a boy's club, the noise ombudsmen is a toothless tiger (no enforceable power). Let your local MP, council and federal minister know your concerns.


I am signing this because I think it is time we made a stand an took back our community

No matter how many meetings you atend or phone calls you make to the relevant bodys that you think would control this and have our best intrests at heart nothing ever gets done, and I am sick of us all being portrayed as a pack of wingers.

We pay our rates and are intitled to live in the area we chose to with some degree of enjoyment .

Pilots totally disregard the rules and regulations of use by the airport. Clearly states, climb to 1000 feet over braeside park, lower engine noise and proceed over residential area, Why does this not happen???

Helicopter training flights are now seven days a week. The noise and constant repetition especially on weekends is now totally unacceptable. This airport has had it's day. Get rid of the training flights OR completely shut down. As a resident for over 30 years I have finally had enough. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW !

Planes are too noisy, fly too low: affects outdoor entertaining and sleep.

Incessant disturbance


·  David Cassar  

Please stop the noise after 7PM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·  leon hockaday  

health of all residents in the area

·  Joyce Hill  

My family are sick to death of aircraft noise after 6pm stop it then!! Moorabbin Airport Corp need to wake up!!

·  Leonie Van Ryn  

The helicopters hovering over my house in the late hours of the evening and early hours of the morning are dramatically affecting our standard of living. I've lived near the airport my entire life and can't remember a time where the noise from the airport was ever as out of control as it is now. I do believe Moorabbin Airport need to compromise with the surrounding residents. Conversations can't be heard in my living room when a helicopter is hovering above my house.

·  Rosilyn Tindal  

I have family living in the area.

 Andrea Findlay FRANKSTON,  

People need to sleep!!! Its the time of night when you want to relax and switch off, not to have planes constantly flying over head.

I'm feed-up with the constant groan of these planes till 10pm every night of the week.. And the weekend is worse. Its time council and the airport corp listened to residents.

It is very important to me because all the training flights pass directly above my property. Somedays the flights are non-stop for 8 hours

Every community needs to value and protect basic standards of environmental stewardship and fair play. The current unethical aviation practices in and around the Moorabbin Airport give little consideration to reasonable duration and intensity of aviation and noise over people's homes, families, schools, places of worship and recreation. This has occurred because aviation commerce in Australia does not have to play by the same environmental rules as the rest of Australian business. This is an example of aviation commerce enjoying unprecedented commercial freedom and showing little ethical restraint or corporate social responsibility.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Near Death       
april 2010 plane crash moorabbin

Helicopter Flips
  Read more
another near disaster

Helicopter Crashes Into School

Another Helicopter Crash and Another
 Potential Community Disaster.

This Time into the Grounds of Le Page
 Primary School, Argus St., Cheltenham
Read More

Helicopter Crash Cheltenham School


Philip Island Grand Prix Weekend
ASPENDALE Coastline transformed into a helicopter drag strip
(Read more)

Planes & Helicopters As Frequent As
Every 20 seconds flying low over 
Aspendale, Saturday March 20th

Mordialloc Festival
Low Flying Aircraft Over A
"Public Gathering"

"I Counted 28 Aircraft Movements

In Just Over An Hour - Less Than 100 Metres From My Home!" (read more)

A Shameful & Arrogant
Display of Helicopter Activity 
"An inconsiderate and unrelenting weekend marked by endless helicopter activity starting as early as 4:15am and continuing well into the evening along the coastline and around the airport.  Little to no regard for the community and no apparent effort to minimise impact by staying well above homes, or altering approach and departure routes or utilising the indistrial zones rather than the residential and high urban amenity coastal corridor.   

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