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Moorabbin Airport Noise - Just Another Third World Country?

There Are Already Sensible Alternative Locations For Pilot Training!

senate enquiry into noise

Experienced Pilot
Speaks Out
It's Too Noisy

Local Residents Say Enough Is Enough
It's Stress Related
Injury Caused By Our Government

Noise Up
Safety Down
Home Values Down
Planning Restrictions Up
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28 Planes Overhead
In Just Over An Hour

A Common Experience

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Imagine Listening To This Sort of Noise
All Day

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An Identification Chart
To Help You Work Out Which Aircraft Are
Responsible For The
Noise & Low Flying

Learn More About Aircraft Noise - What Causes It
and What Can be Done
About It

15 Ways To
Quieten  The Skys

(US Citizens Aviation Watch)


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2017 Essendon Airport Plane Crash
Why It Will Happen At Moorabbin Airport ...

essendon airport plane crash kills

Rampant Airport Development and Little Regard For The Community Puts Thousands In Danger - Moorabbin Airport Will Be Next
And residents living near the airfield – who for decades have demanded its closure – say the latest accident provides further proof it is unsafe so close to housing."  Full Report

Airport Peril Swept Under The Rug

The Disaster Raises A Number of Issues of Public Safety and Public Policy

To add to the problem, CASA (Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority) behaves like the 3 "wise" monkeys when it comes to aviation impropriety  - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!  Whatever the public brings to the attention of this over confident regulator, if there's a hint of criticism or a suggestion of unsafe practice, CASA vigorously defends the status quo, no matter how untenable it might be. It is a regulator with far too much self interest. Such an aggressively defensive attitude means there is little chance of aviation joining us in the modern world which is more socially aware and has higher expectations of community safety. CASA forgets that it should be championing the "aviation safety" of people on the ground as well as those in the skies.  The "third parties on the ground" (ie the whole community) have no control over what risks they are subjected to; made worse by the excessive aviation belligerence and commercial freedoms which exist in Australia.

Also it seems our politicians do not properly understand aviation issues; believing airport management in private hands is all about jobs, economics and commerce. Build shopping centres in the "unused space" - a dream for any money hungry property developer with a lease over a city airport. Who spares a thought for the poor sods who live under what is often profound environmental and safety compromise.  And when ministers rubber stamp an airport master plan the process does not include taking safety advice from the safety regulator. (more)

Aviators have studied how much the public will endure so they can push the boundaries  - and it is constantly exploited: "advice from risk engineers is that behavioural studies have shown that people will tolerate levels of risk up to 100 times (two orders of magnitude) above the level that they consider acceptable before they will assess a situation as dangerous enough to require some corrective action".  Aeronautical Study of Melbourne 20011, p.67

What a sad day for the passengers and pilot and their families and friends.

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