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Moorabbin Airport Noise - Just Another Third World Country?

There Are Already Sensible Alternative Locations For Pilot Training!

senate enquiry into noise

Experienced Pilot
Speaks Out
It's Too Noisy

Local Residents Say Enough Is Enough
It's Stress Related
Injury Caused By Our Government

Noise Up
Safety Down
Home Values Down
Planning Restrictions Up
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28 Planes Overhead
In Just Over An Hour

A Common Experience

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Imagine Listening To This Sort of Noise
All Day

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An Identification Chart
To Help You Work Out Which Aircraft Are
Responsible For The
Noise & Low Flying

Learn More About Aircraft Noise - What Causes It
and What Can be Done
About It

15 Ways To
Quieten  The Skys

(US Citizens Aviation Watch)


CASA Shelves Community Complaints About Low Flying
The CASA Safety Office responds by saying the breaches are not "systematic"!
Q. Where in the Civil Aviation Legislation does it say how often a safety rule has to be broken before it is taken seriously?
Imagine what it would be like driving a car if road rules weren't taken seriously until there was a "systematic problem"
How systematic does low flying have to be?  At a speed of 100 knots a low flying aircraft could plough into homes in just a couple of seconds.
Aviators owe a profound duty of care to the community, especially if they are going to engage in activities which
cause risk to people who have had no say over the matter and who have no way to protect themselves.

low flying planes and helicopters Moorabbin Airport

moorabbin low flying planes helicopters video complain