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Call The Noise Complaint Line 1300 302 240 (Do It Daily, It's The Only Way They'll Take You Seriously)
Complain To The Airport CEO  (03) 8587 8000 (or his SPIN doctor)
Call The Minister For Infrastructure & Regional Development   (02) 6274 7111
Call The Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) & Remind Them That They Have An Environmental Responsibility
Call your local member of parliament - Don't take B.S. about airport jobs - This is killing our community
Call your federal member of parliament - the closest person to the Minister who's approving this mess
Call the ANO  - Aviation Noise Ombudsman (designed to give you hope - but that's about it)
Call The Moorabbin Airport Control Tower
Call AirServices Australia - don't just settle for their Noise Complaint Line
Call the Council and ask why they've sold out the community

City of Kingston A Toxic Dumping Ground For Aviation Noise


                                                                                                                                                                              I would like to join the chorus of people under the flight path of planes and helicopters from Moorabbin Airport in my opposition to the increased number of flights. These LOW-flying aircraft have un-muffled engines that rage over our residences are a physical hazard & are causing significant psychological strain (read:Stress related injury) They come particularly on a sunny weekend, building up in volume until you can only wait for them to pass to resume what you're doing. It takes about 60 seconds for them to approach, fly over & disappear again, with the middle 20 seconds very loud. It's so unnecessary too. Surely in this day & age they can reduce (or be made to reduce) the noise with effective mufflers etc. How many people does it affect? How many times does it affect them? When is something going to be done? How many letters have to be written? This is my first to you but fourth overall. Does the community have to sue the Airport or the Govt for damages?

I have attached a letter from a pilot who lives in the area which I'm sure you've seen. He talks about the lack of progress in noise reduction in these old planes & that Training flights should go to non-residential areas. It's commonsense. Why expand the airport & aggravate an already pissed off neighbourhood?”

Mentone Resident

Read About Real Community Suffering

Your life is cheap, your peace is even cheaper . .!

value of life at moorabbin airport


Moorabbin Airport Resident's Association (MARA) 

The community who live, work and study around Moorabbin Airport has never had an effective complaint mechanism for reporting the noise that is generated by the airport.

Neither the Moorabbin Airport Corporation, ASA or CASA have seen it as their role to address the community’s issues regarding noise and its impact on the community. Not surprisingly then, there has never been community consultation, nor any effective management of aircraft noise.

We believe Airservices Australia has failed in its duty to conduct open and informed public consultation with the community affected by Moorabbin Airport aircraft noise.  We believe it has also failed in its duty in several of the Senate Inquiry’s other Terms of Reference, which we will address below. The result is a community which is frustrated, ignored, powerless and lacking faith in Govt. Aircraft Authorities -  no one listens, no one helps. 

Aspendale Resident Speaks About Moorabbin Aviation Noise

Managing Noise at the Source

CASA will readily confirm that it has no involvement in aircraft noise as it relates to community amenity and yet it is involved with Air Navigation Regulations relating to noisy aircraft.   Meanwhile AirServices Australia endorses long range noise forecasts prepared by the private business Moorabbin Airport Corporation (MAC) which impact on local Council planning and your home.

Who Puts The Measurements Into Context & How?

Aviation noise management requires context, using a similar approach to that applied by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).  Currently there is no attempt to measure & manage aircraft noise by first considering the perspective and requirements of sensitive urban areas which are affected by aviation activity.  So while there is little consideration of human ecology and reduced quality of life, believe it or not there are actually documented aircraft procedures relating to noise abatement for breeding sea birds, whales and national parks!

Measurements Alone Don’t Solve The Problems

Even if AirServices had the right data it's not motivated to do anything about it.  

Irrational Aviation Procedures Underpin Much Of The Noise Issue

In many cases a simple rethink of common procedures would greatly reduce noise pollution from aviation.  Circuit and entry altitudes within the Moorabbin Control Zone, particularly for helicopters are a case in point.

The Problem Is Much Bigger Than Any One Department

There are conflicting interests and fragmented poorly communicating departments within Aviation. AirServices is just one of the many stake holders.  The AirServices Webtrak system is nothing more than an expensive and fairly meaningless PR exercise and doesnt provide the community with proper information about aircraft activity or identification and a large percentage of aircraft do not show up on the tracking system because either they dont have transponders or they dont operate them.

There Are Solutions, but Who Is Listening?

Is there really a desire to see effectiveness in the management of aircraft noise and if so why is the enquiry limited to AirServices Australia?  It appears that no department has the authority or enthusiasm to become involved with even the most obvious issues and solutions.

ANO - Really?   I Don't Think So!
What does the ANO (Aviation Noise Ombudsman) contribute to basic standards of amenity for the community.  Fundamental to its charter is the propagation of aviation interests - how is that supposed to work?   If tax payer dollars can be used to create institutions which support aviation interests does it seem reasonable that some of those dollars could be spent on a genuinely independent institution to represent community interests?


The Airport Has A Dreadful Safety Record
 And They Want Even More Aircraft Activity



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