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An Airport Residents' Association was formed 20 years ago to address the concerns of the City of Kingston residents affected by Moorabbin Airport.  The President continues to attend the Moorabbin Airport Consultative Committee meetings to present the views and concerns of the association and the community. The outcomes have not been encouraging.  Now more than ever the community is profoundly compromised by the commercial interests of Moorabbin Airport aviation and forced to accept substandard ethical practice as well as a general lack of concern for the rights of the third parties on the ground.

Some of the concerns are:

- The Moorabbin Airport is located in a densely built-up suburban area.  There have been a number of 'near miss' incidents such as the aircraft crash in August, 2008, (after mid-air contact with another aircraft) which narrowly missed a Primary School and fell onto a home garage in the middle of suburban Cheltenham.  Had the second plane also crashed, the outcome would have been horrendous.  

Another was in August, 2010 when a plane crashed into a Mordialloc backyard. Police said the four-seater Cessna clipped the roof of a house and then crashed into another house at 240 Lower Dandenong Rd. It caused extensive damage and brought down powerlines before coming to a stop in the backyard. Police said it was lucky no one was home at the time. The plane ran out of fuel before crash landing.

NOISE POLLUTION - The detrimental effect of incessant noise has a negative impacted on residents.  Their enjoyment of life, both inside and outside homes, has diminished due to the ever-busier nature of flight training, helicopter movements and commercial flights.  Despite appeals to all levels of Government little consideration has been given to environmental protection.

FORMER UNCONTROLLED  AND UNREGULATED LAND DEVELOPMENT – MAC (the Moorabbin Airport Corporation - the property developer which has the lease on the airport) is not subject to ANY Local or State Laws and Regulations. .   THEY ARE THEIR OWN PLANNING AUTHORITY. 

Over the term of their lease huge areas of Airport land have been developed as factories, warehousing, office space and shopping centres.  (for example CostCo and DFO is on Airport land.)  This uncontrolled building has made the airport less safe because there is little land for emergency landings. This is a legacy the residents and other local businesses must endure, whatever happens to the airport in the future.

MAC bulldozed the Moorabbin Golf Course which was situated along the eastern and southern perimeters of Airport land (very close to the runways).  It was cleared all trees in preparation for another large and profitable development.  No other developer would be allowed to do this.  The Golf Course was developed 40 years ago on Commonwealth Aircraft land by the local council as an area of recreation for the residents.  When the land was leased to MAC by the Commonwealth, no provision to retain the Golf Course was made. A community group was  unsuccessful in appealing to the Commonwealth Government to overturn the actions of the airport corporation. 

JET SERVICES have been a possibility at the Airport for several years.  Paul Stoddard proposed to start his own Jet airline some time ago; fortunately the plan did not eventuate. There are other proposals, another being one by Aviation Syndication Partners (WASP). The use of the Airport for 60 and 100-seater jets would make a bad situation worse for residents.

A report of a Task Force on the future of Circuit Flying at Moorabbin (again at the Federal Minister’s behest) which was chaired by MAC and attended by Moorabbin Airport stakeholders (including the Moorabbin Airport Resident's Association President and the Dingley Village Community Association was compiled and presented to the Minister but there were no  meaningful outcomes.

We urge people to get involved.  Doing nothing and just complaining about noise and safety is  not defensible or reasonable.  You have to be heard and you have to be persistent.

 For More Information About MARA contact Karen Hastings or
contact Peta Millard -  or  Beverley Collins

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It's Predominantly a Pro Aviation Group

So What Are The Real Agendas?

"I want to make more money - I don't really care, I don't live here"
"I'm here for appearances, I just want to get elected"
"We live in the community,  we want to raise our children here, we need some environmental consideration"

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