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Serious Health Effects From Annoying Noise 

While safety continues to be the primary concern for most residents in the city of Kingston, there are some people who are getting physically ill because of Moorabbin Airport noise.   As the charts below show, the noise does not have to be ear splitting to make people sick.  All aircraft noise which disturbs normal day or night time activities and or causes annoyance, can lead to increased risks of cardiovascular disease.  Noise can also cause reduced quality of life and associated psychological issues like anxiety, emotional stress, nervous complaints, nausea, headaches, instability, argumentativeness, changes in mood, increased social conflicts, substance abuse and sexual dysfunction.   (WHO: Guidelines For Community Health)

This doesn't mean that we should close every airport, but in an advanced society it should be sufficient grounds for not making problems worse by increasing airport and aircraft activity and hence noise.  This could not be more pertinent for a discretionary training and recreational airport like Moorabbin where there are available compromises and alternatives.

The social relevance of health impacts in people exposed to aircraft noise is not just about a few people being exposed to severe or moderate noise.  It has been shown that there are far greater implications for public health where a large number of people are being exposed to moderate, low or  even annoying noise.


Living Near Moorabbin Airport Might Have A Similar Effect on
Blood Pressure as Heavy Smoking**

moorabbin noise and high blood pressure

  ** Cigarettes and hypertension :  Groppelli, A, Giorgi, DM, Omboni, S, et al. Persistent blood pressure increase induced by heavy smoking. J Hypertens 1992; 10:495.

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