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MARA and the Residents of the City of Kingston have been petitioning government for more
than 10 years!
What does it take to get fair play and basic human decency







The Hon Anthony Albanese MP
Former Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,
Regional Development and Local Government

Communities are increasingly concerned about the impact of aircraft noise...

Many residents tens of kilometres from airports are disturbed by aircraft noise.

Concerns have grown about the impacts of airport development on surrounding communities.

With the growth of Australian cities, more residents are affected by airport operations.

An era where planes and airports are still potential terrorist targets.

Responsibilities to the community in relation to the environmental impacts of aircraft operations.


John Brumby

 Previous Victorian Premier

“I think there’s a strong argument for saying that more of the training which occurs can be done in regional and country areas where there’s less population and where there are valuable job opportunities,”

I have no role in the airport being moved.


Simon Crean
    Federal Member For Hotham

"...We must strike a balance again - the proper balance between the conflicting interests of airport owners, airport users and the communities in which those airports are located..."

inga peulich

Previous Member for the South Eastern Metropolitan Region

"By dramatically increasing the commercial and trainer flights, the risks would grow and the already significant nuisance factor would magnify for local residents” 

peter brown

City of Greater Dandenong

All the politicians to date, Liberal and Labor, have been ineffectual in addressing this matter and pay lip service to the residents, while their inaction only serves the needs of Goodmans Ltd, the owner of Moorabbin Aircraft Corporation through whose Masterplan it seeks to resurrect itself from the Stock Exchange hell that it is now in and commit residents to environmental purgatory to pay for it.

Dracula is in charge of the bloodbank.  How else could one describe the situation where the responsible legal authority to determine the issues arising from the Masterplan is lessee of the site?

 It is one of the most scandalous examples of bias that I can imagine and successive governments stand condemned, and local MP's stand condemned for not challenging the unlawful delegation made by a former Federal Government to the authority (MAC) now purporting to exercise the delegation in determing the present application before it.

 I am optimistic that a well-prepared and well-funded challenge to the High Court would strike down on the grounds of bias the purported power of the MAC to determine the application before it and possibly go a step further in securing injunctive relief restraining the Federal Minister from considering the report presented to him by a body (MAC) which has no legal authority to act, the purported authority being vitiated on the basis of "bias" in the strongest legal sense.

Rosmary West
Cr Rosmary West
City of Kingston
(Read Cr West's Submission to Airport Master Plan)

Many constituents have contacted me with concerns ranging from:

Inappropriate commercial and industrial overdevelopment of the airport's green wedge land,
Safety issues relating to training flights over residential areas and to the hemming in of the runways by factories and warehouses,
Airport noise,
The threat posed to the newly approved Dingley Village supermarket by the proposed Coles development on the Centre Dandenong Road corner of the airport,
The lack of any provision for the traffic impact on our roads or other off-site impacts, and of course
The huge public grief and concern about the closure of Kingston's only 18-hole public golf course.

All of these matters relate to poor planning on the airport due to the lack of proper State and local planning controls to which all other industrial and commercial estates are subject.

…The Moorabbin Airport Corporation [MAC] and its owners, the Goodmans property development group, have shown a contemptuous disregard for the community's wishes with regard to the golf course and other matters outlined above.