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Community Responses To The Master Plan Which Were Ignored
City of Kingston Says NO 

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Dingley Village Association Says
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Dingley Resident Says

Resident Says

Experienced Pilot Says NO


Here are some of the things we can expect:

Increased flight training activity

Jet flights

All night flights (the airport is open 24/7)

Commercial passenger flights

Considerably more helicopters

Increased noise

Increased corporate aviation

"A steady and eventually profound decline in the safety and amenity of the City of Kingston" 

 Download the 2009 Master Plan

Click Here For a 9 Page Summary of The Plan by MARA

Or Download the full 160 Page Report Below:

Part A:
Forward, Executive Summary and  Moorabbin Airport Context.

Part B:
Master Plan Implementation Framework and Appendices.

2009 draft master plan

The official cut off date for public submissions is over but there is no cutt off date for us expressing our strong views about what is happening and what is being proposed for the future of the airport.

This plan will impact on the safety and Amenity of you and your children for many years to come.

Write directly to the Minister and let him know what you think.  Make sure you also send a copy of your letter to your Federal and State Member and anyone else you think might be able to make a difference.

Send  your views to:

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP
Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development & Local Government
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra  ACT 2600

The Moorabbin Airport Corporation has also produced an Environment Strategy which can be downloaded here:

2009 airport environment strategy

Compare the 2009 Master Plan with extracts from the 2004 Master Plan and you can see the ongoing themes.