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Moorabbin Airport Noise - Just Another Third World Country?

There Are Already Sensible Alternative Locations For Pilot Training!

senate enquiry into noise

Experienced Pilot
Speaks Out
It's Too Noisy

Local Residents Say Enough Is Enough
It's Stress Related
Injury Caused By Our Government

Noise Up
Safety Down
Home Values Down
Planning Restrictions Up
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28 Planes Overhead
In Just Over An Hour

A Common Experience

(read more)

Imagine Listening To This Sort of Noise
All Day

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An Identification Chart
To Help You Work Out Which Aircraft Are
Responsible For The
Noise & Low Flying

Learn More About Aircraft Noise - What Causes It
and What Can be Done
About It

15 Ways To
Quieten  The Skys

(US Citizens Aviation Watch)


Call The AirServices Noise Complaint Line   (TIPS FOR DEALING WITH THEM)
Call the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman 

Call The Airport And Speak To The CEO 
Call The Minister For Infrastructure (Ultimately the only person who can make a difference)


Moorabbin & Kingston: A Helicopter Free-For-All

"Second hand noise is increasingly used to describe noise that is experienced by people who did not produce it.
Like second hand smoke, it’s put into the environment without people’s consent and then has effects on them that they don’t have any control over"

 Les Blomberg, Noise Pollution Clearing House

Joy Flights Which Compromise The Environment Are Unethical 

Letter to CASA From Local Resident - Ignored

Another Disgraceful Parody . .

Got a chopper, want to make some coin?  Well come down to Moorabbin and let it rip!

Worried about restrictive flight routes – relax there are no enforceable routes around Moorabbin!

Concerned about flying low over the homes – forget it, the complaints don't stick - we're pilots - God's own!

Think you might make too much noise – well if they don't like it they can always move.

Concerned about the fly neighbourly programs – LOL – everyone just ignores them!

Heck helicopters can fly lower than planes around Moorabbin – Christ knows who thought that one up. 

No other business can create so much noise and be so inconsiderate without a permit - it's a boy's dream.

You can even make people’s homes vibrate and there's not a damn thing they can do about it – not even the EPA can touch us.

Think it's too good to be true ...

Just check out the havoc we created during Philip Island Grand Prix weekend.  It was like a war zone over Kingston from dawn until dusk for almost three days straight.  Business called and we served the deep pockets of a few dozen well-heeled motor enthusiasts (and our own coffers).

Thousands of local residents hammered - but bugger them - this is economics.  What's a little cowering under our throbbing blades if we're onto a good thing?

Well chaps, it’s been a long day of piloting – time to head back to the wife and kids for some quiet time. 


No Answer When Another Resident Asked About The Company Fly Friendly Polices - Read More
                                       Helicopter Flights At Moorabbin Not Socially Responsible

Do They Give A Damn?

We’re told only one of the following companies appears to be concerned about the community and environment they are exploiting for their joy flights.  Has it occurred to the owners of noisy aircraft that noise is industrial waste?

When they borrow our community for their commercial gain (at no cost, with no permits and with no environmental monitoring) and pepper it with industrial waste, is it any wonder we ask about their environment and community policies?

OZ Helicopters



MICROFLITE  - answered referring the resident to Air Services Australia

Unlike the others at Moorabbin Aerodrome, Microflite has a published Community & Environment Responsibility Policy on its website:

Want To Get An Idea Of How Bad The Helicopter Problem Gets At Moorabbin?
- Watch This Video (turn your speakers on) -

(Prepared by the Anti-Helicopter Quiet Skies Coalition - courtesy of Mother Jones reporter Josh Harkinson)

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